Keylios Solar Tracker From Nexans

Nexans Keylios Solar Tracker Is An Independent, Lattice Structure Solar Tracker That Supports 2P configuration For Efficient Module Integration

Keylios Solar Tracker From Nexans

For difficult terrains too: Nexans says its Keylios is adaptable to terrains with steep slopes and requires less piles. (Source: Nexans)

  • Keylios, solar tracker from Nexans supports 2P configuration and can integrate 40 modules per foundation with self power and wireless communication for optimized maintenance
  • The tracker can handle difficult terrains with steep slopes and requires few piles than other technologies with only 112 piles and 56 concrete beams per MW needed
  • Nexans tracker come with a warranty of 10 years for structure and 5 years for motor and electronics.

In our recent TaiyangNews Solar Trackers Market survey we have listed data for Nexans keylios solar tracker. This model was introduced in 2020. The Keylios is an independent-row solar tracker and is a modular product with a new design based on a lattice structure. Keylios, mainly supporting 2P configuration, can be integrated with up to 40 modules per foundation. It is self-powered and comes with Zigbee wireless communication and proprietary SCADA for an optimized predictive maintenance.

The tracker is adaptable to difficult terrains that are not suitable for typical configurations. According to the company, it is capable for terrains with steep slopes and compatible with all kind of drilled or superficial foundations. Keylios requires less piles than other technologiSes. As an example, it requires only 112 piles and 56 concrete beams per MW, when using standard c-Si solar modules rated at 450 W. These are less than half the foundations needed for a typical HSAT system that can support about 15 modules with 450 W per foundation, according to the company.

Nexans offers pre-assembled tracker components and workshop for its customers to enable faster and easier assembly. Nexans’ trackers are certified per IEC 62817 and come with a market standard 10- year warranty for structure and 5 years for motor and electronics.

The text is the product description part from our TaiyangNews 2nd Market Survey on Solar Trackers, which was published in Dec. 2022 and can be downloaded for free here.

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