Milestones in Metallization

Video: Kevin Nan of DKEM Shared Latest On Electrical Contacts For Solar Cells At TaiyangNews Production Equipment & Materials Event
Kevin Nan, Cell Production Equipment
Kevin Nan, Cell Production Equipment

Kevin Nan, VP Technology & Marketing, DKEM, called metallization innovation a key enabler for industrialization of TOPCon technology. To be specific, while the metallization on emitter is the efficiency accelerator, the rear is the cost controller. DKEM uses p+ SE Emitter as a front side metallization that helps achieve lower contact resistance with a >0.3% efficiency gain combined with metallization paste modifications. The metallization of TOPCon's rear is complex, as the rear surface engineering varies significantly with choice of the deposition methods used for forming the tunneling oxide and poly as well as for the front side passivation. Nevertheless, the latest DK96T silver paste from DKEM with its wide process window supports all types rear surfaces.

Kevin Nan was speaking at the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Cell Production Equipment & Processing Materials that took place on 28 February 2023. With increasing interest in high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing at low cost around the world, the Conference looked into the latest developments in this segment of the solar value chain.

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