Passivation Mechanism for Silicon Substrates

Video: Boachen Liao of Leadmicro Presents Research on Achieving Reliable Passivation Mechanism for p-Type Silicon Substrates

Prof Boachen Liao, Chief Scientist of Leadmicro, spoke at a recent TaiyangNews event about realizing reliable passivation mechanism for p-and n-type silicon substrates while presenting the Chinese company’s PERC/TOPCon turnkey solutions with key deposition tools ALD/PEALD/PECVD. Liao shared details of the company’s own turnkey solutions as well as the development progress of the key deposition equipment from the house of Leadmicro. The latest one is a 3rd Gen ZR5000 PECVD/PEALD system used for a rear passivation stack in the TOPCon process flow. What’s unique about this tool is that it features a patented integration technology that integrates both PECVD and PEALD into one reactor tube.

Liao was presenting at the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Cell Production Equipment & Processing Materials that took place on 28 February 2023. With increasing interest in high-efficiency solar cell manufacturing at low cost around the world, the conference looked into the latest developments in this segment of the solar value chain. To watch Liao’s presentation, click on the picture above.



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