Solar Cell Characterization Sensitivity to Cell Architecture

Video: Dr Sascha Esefelder Of Wavelabs Presented About LED IV Characterization For Solar Cells At TaiyangNews Conference

Wavelabs’ Product Development Director Dr Sascha Esefelder discussed high-throughput IV-classification of high efficiency silicon solar cells at the recent TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Cell Production Equipment & Processing Materials. Esfelder explained that measurement times < 50 ms for individual steps are necessary to achieve high throughput for high efficiency solar cell technologies as PERC/TOPCon/HJT. He showed how the company’s LED based solar simulator RapidWave enables ‘ultrafast measurements’ faster than 30 ms.

The Conference took place on 28 February 2023 and had speakers from leading stakeholders in the solar cell production equipment and materials segment,  like DK Electronic Materials, H2GEMINI, GS-Solar, SCHMID Group, HANS PV, Leadmicro.



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