Trio Release M10 Module Standardization

182mm Wafer Sized Solar Module Proponents JA Solar, JinkoSolar & LONGi Solar Agree On & Release Standardization Scheme For M10 Modules

Trio Release M10 Module Standardization

According to JA Solar, JinkoSolar and LONGi Solar, having standardization of components for M10 wafer technology based solar modules will help deal with upstream and downstream coordination while building a smooth supply chain. (Photo Credit: LONGi Solar)

  • JA Solar, JinkoSolar and LONGi Solar have released a joint statement regarding standardization scheme for M10 wafer sized solar modules
  • They have agreed upon standard sizes and mounting hole spacings for 54-cell, 72-cell and 78-cell configurations
  • It would promote sustainable development of PV industry while dealing with system design and installation issues

JA Solar, JinkoSolar & LONGi Solar, the 3 Chinese solar PV product manufacturers putting their weight behind 182mm wafer sized solar module design have come up with a standardization scheme to jointly advocate this wafer size to smoothen supply chain challenges.

For M10 wafers, they have agreed upon a standardization scheme stating it as:

  • Size of 54-cell modules: 1,722 mm*1,134 mm, with mounting hole spacing: 1,400 mm;
  • Size of 72-cell modules: 2,278 mm*1,134 mm, with mounting hole spacing: 400 mm, 1,400 mm; and
  • Size of 78-cell modules: 2,465 mm * 1,134 mm with mounting hole spacing: 400 mm, 1,200 mm/1,500 mm

Admitting the difficulty in standardizing component specifications for M10 wafer technology based solar modules due to differences in technical roadmaps, design concepts and installation mode followed by different manufacturers, the trio believes the standards of the same type of modules vary in their lengths, widths and mounting hole spacings.

This makes it difficult to standardize component specifications and eventually reduce manufacturing costs. Owing to this, upstream and downstream coordination gets difficult along with system design and installation issues, explain the trio in a joint statement on the standardization scheme which they believe will promote sustainable development of the PV industry.

In June 2020, the three manufacturers along with Canadian Solar and others proposed M10 as the new standard silicon wafer size to ensure standardization of equipment manufacturing (see Group Proposes M10 As New Silicon Wafer Standard Size).

As opposed to M10, there is a group of manufacturers proposing and popularizing 210 mm wafer sized modules with the biggest voice being Trina Solar. It joined hands with Tongwei to jointly work on rolling out 210 products with a reliable supply chain (see Tongwei & Trina Solar Joint Venture For 210 Products).

Rapid changes in the PV supply chain and growing clout of 182 mm and 210 mm wafer sized modules among other technological changes poses challenges for the reliability of solar modules which was the subject of discussion during TaiyangNews 2nd Reliable PV Module Design Conference in August 2021 (see TaiyangNews Reliable PV Module Design Conference).

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