Chile’s 5,250 GWh Clean Power Supply Call

National Energy Commission, Chile Seeks 5,250 GWh Electricity Supply From Non-Polluting Sources

Chile’s 5,250 GWh Clean Power Supply Call

Pictured is the 104 MW Sol de Los Andes Solar Plant of Opdenergy in Chile that it recently commissioned in Atacama region. Chile’s CNE has launched a tender to source clean power supply worth 5,250 GWh annually. (Photo Credit: Opdenergy)

  • CNE has launched a tender to invite applications for 5,250 GWh power supply under 2022/01 call
  • It will accept proposals for electricity supply that doesn’t come from coal, diesel, petcoke or fuel-oil sources
  • Power supply will be contracted for 15 years, starting from 2027, and extended by up to 3 years

The National Energy Commission (CNE) of Chile has launched a 5,250 GWh energy procurement tender to source this capacity annually for 15 years, starting from the year 2027. The tender is open to both local and international players.

Of this capacity, 5,000 GWh is the base component and 250 GWh is a variable component. According to the commission, the tender contemplates 3 hourly supply blocks with the same structure as the hourly blocks of previous processes. Beyond the supply period of 15 years, there could be a possibility to extend the complementary supply period by up to 3 years.

Power supply under this 2022/01 tender should not come from coal, diesel, petcoke or fuel-oil sources.

CNE will hold a consultation period for interested bidders till April 1, 2022 which may lead to the agency making some modifications or additions to the tender that will be finalized by May 2, 2022.

Proposals will then be accepted till July 1, 2022 and final winners will be announced on July 25, 2022 or August 1, 2022, as per current schedule. Tender details are available on CNE’s website in Spanish language.

In January 2022, CNE released preliminary bidding conditions for the 5,250 GWh renewable energy auction for June 2022 (see Latin America PV News Snippets).

CNE said it will launch the next electricity supply tender following the objectives of the government’s policy in terms of decarbonization, reduction of emissions in the electricity sector, the promotion of non-conventional renewable energies and promoting the participation of storage systems.

Recently, Opdenergy commissioned its largest project in Chile with 104 MW capacity in Atacama region (see Latin America PV News Snippets).

According to BNamericas, CNE is expected to tender 7,500 GWh in 2022 in 2 parts, followed by 1,180 GWh in 2023, 1,200 GWh in 2024, and 1,700 GWh in 2025.

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