Tracy Hong, Huasun: Full Focus on HJT

Video: High Efficiency HJT Technology Solar Modules For Multi-Scenario Applications

Tracy Hong, Director of Pre-Sales Technical and Product Support, Huasun, at the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Global PV System Technology Trends H1/2023, spoke about the company’s Himalaya high efficiency HJT technology for multi-scenario applications. She touted the technology for its lower carbon footprint, and added that in HJT manufacturing there are only 4 steps as compared to 10 steps in other technologies (click on photo to watch her presentation).

HJT is also cost-effective since it uses thinner wafers. The Chinese company uses 130 μm wafers now, but plans to reduce it to 90 μm in the future. It currently has 2 GW production capacity for G12 format cells that reach a maximum module efficiency of 23.2% and output of 720W, suitable for both commercial and utility projects. For G10, its capacity is 2.5 GW at present, and for M6 its current production capacity is 600 MW.

As per the company’s technology roadmap, Huasun will aim for 26.0% to 26.5% cell efficiency for G12 in 2024, taking it to 28% cell efficiency for 800W panels based on HJT+perovskite+210mm wafers in 2025.

Huasun is going the whole hog for HJT technology. At the end of Q2/2023, it had annual HJT cell and module production capacity of 5.1 GW each, reaching 25.3% cell efficiency and 23.5% module efficiency. At the end of 2023, it aims to grow to over 20 GW, and to 40 GW by 2025-end. Huasun’s highest efficient module ranks among the top 5 in our commercial solar panel ranking  (seeTop Solar Modules Listing – July 2023).

.The 2-days Conference, which took place from 27-28 June 2023, saw participation from eminent solar industry leaders, where they discussed key takeaways from world largest solar trade shows SNEC Shanghai and Intersolar Munich.

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