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Risen 210 HJT 700 W hyper-ion series Module TUV SÜD Certified & More From Suzhou Boamax, Guangdong No.2, Datang, Shanghai CNC

China PV News Snippets

Risen Energy’s 210 heterojunction 700W Fuxi module series wins the TUV SÜD certification. (Photo Credit: Risen Energy)

Risen gets TUV SÜD certification; Guangdong No.2 to invest in 200 MW PV project; Suzhou Boamax 2 GW HJT project begins; Datang to invest in 5 new energy projects; Shangji Automation to raise money for silicon production.

Risen 210 HJT 700 W Fuxi module TUV SÜD certified: Chinese solar panel maker Risen Energy said via WeChat that its 210 heterojunction 700W hyper-ion series module series has cleared the TUV SÜD test. Adopting of innovative designs such as ultra-thin 210mm silicon wafer, 24 busbar, alloy steel frame and low-silver paste, the product also uses couple of unique patented technologies of the company. The maximum power of the product exceeds 700W+, and the module efficiency is 22.53%. The modules also enjoy advantages of ultra-low carbon and high-power generation, which is expected to benefit the customers. Meanwhile, in July during the TaiyangNews Intersolar Europe Review Conference, Risen’s Leon Zhuang presented about the company’s latest HJT module updates (see Strengthening High Efficiency HJT Modules with Robust Frame Design).

Guangdong No.2 Hydropower to invest in 200 MW solar storage projects: Renewable energy engineering constructor Guangdong No.2 Hydropower Engineering Company announced that it plans to makes these investments:

  • RMB 512 million ($75.9 million) to construct Phase I of Xinjiang Yue Hydropower Wushi 100 MW photovoltaic storage power generation project. This project is led by Wushi Energy Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Yue Hydropower
  • RMB 488 million ($72.4 million) to construct Xinjiang Yue Hydropower Bachu Phase III 100 MW solar storage power generation project

In June, the company had made known its intention to invest in 2 GW PV power generation capacity (see China PV News Snippets)

Suzhou Boamax 2 GW HJT production project begins: Suzhou Boamax Technologies Group said in a WeChat communication that its subsidiary Boamax Solar, which is into photovoltaic equipment manufacturing, has started its 2 GW solar heterojunction cell and module project. The total investment of the project is about RMB 12.7 billion ($1.8 billion), and will be built in phases.

Datang to invest in 5 new renewables projects: Independent Chinese power company Datang Power Generation said that it would be investing in the construction of five new energy projects, which will be made of solar, wind and agri PV projects. The total investment of the project is about RMB 2.7 billion ($0.40 billion) and will include a 100 MW PV project in Dengkou County, and a 19 MW PV project in Dadong Tailings Reservoir area. Then there would be the 50 MW Agricultural Forestry Photovoltaic Ecological Industrial Park project in Wan City, and the Liaoning Huludao Lianshan 250MW wind power project.

Shangji to raise RMB 6 billion for silicon production project: PV production equipment maker and mono-wafer company Shangji Automation announced that it will be raising about RMB 6 billion ($0.89 billion) from a non-public offering of shares. Once the funds are raised and the issuance costs deducted, the remaining amount will be invested in a high purity silicon project with an annual output of 50,000 ton.

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