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Jinkosolar To Invest In 26 GW Cell And Module Facility & More From Mingyang Smart Energy, Hunan Red Sun, Jolywood

China PV News Snippets

As JinkoSolar invests in a 11 GW high efficiency cell and 15 GW high efficiency module facility in Haining, the output value is expected to be RMB 30 billion annually. (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

JinkoSolar to invest RMB 18.6 billion in cell and module facility;  Mingyang Smart Energy invests in HJT PV projects; Hunan Red Sun wins RMB 300 million bid; Jolywood releases n-type TOPCon cell prices.

JinkoSolar to invest in 26 GW cell and module facility: Module supplier JinkoSolar said via WeChat that it will be investing in a 11 GW high efficiency cell and 15 GW high efficiency module facility in Haining, and also an energy storage facility. The total investment is expected to be RMB 18.6 billion ($2.7 billion). Once the cell and module facility is put into production, the annual output value is expected to be RMB 30 billion ($4.3 billion). Meanwhile, the energy storage facility is expected to realize an annual output value of RMB 25 billion ($3.6 billion). In December, JinkoSolar signed a strategic distribution agreement with Australian distributor Blue Sun Group for 1 GW high efficiency n-type  modules and 200 MWh storage capacity (see China PV News Snippets).

Mingyang Smart Energy invests in HJT PV production: Over WeChat, wind turbine manufacturer Mingyang Smart Energy said that it will be investing in the construction of about 10 global third-generation heterojunction solar power generation equipment production lines; the first phase at the dual-carbon economy industrial park; and other high-end equipment manufacturing projects in Zhongshan. With an investment of RMB 15 billion ($2.19 billion), the output value of the project is expected to touch about RMB 40 billion ($5.8 billion). The construction period will be about five years.

Hunan Red Sun wins bid for its PECVD equipment: New energy product research and development company Hunan Red Sun said via WeChat that it has won a single order bid worth RMB 300 million ($43.7 million) from a leading company in Southwest China. This order is for its latest large-diameter PECVD equipment and TOPCON core equipment boron diffusion equipment. Way back in 2021, Hunan Red had announced its plans to buy 3 GW solar cells from Lingda (see China PV News Snippets)

Jolywood releases n-type TOPCon cell prices: n-type solar module manufacturer Jolywood announced on its website the latest prices for its n-type TOPCon cells. As per the announcement, the single crystal n-type TOPCon cell (182 bifacial series) is at RMB 0.95/W ($0.14/W). From January to March, it is 0.94 RMB/W. At the recently concluded TaiyangNews Reliable PV Module Design Virtual Conference, Fute Zhang, CTO of Jolywood’s backsheets division, talked about applications of backsheet structures (see Leading Backsheet Structures And Their Apt Applications)


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