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Shangji Automation to invest RMB 5 billion on module facilities & More From JinkoSolar, Solartron, Golden Stone Group

China PV News Snippets

Shangji Automation announced that its 16 GW module facilities will be built in two phases – first phase of 5 GW and the second phase of 11 GW. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: C12/

Shangji Automation invests in 16 GW photovoltaic module facilities; JinkoSolar UAE cumulative module orders touch 4 GW; Solarton and Zhejiang Carbonview sign partnership deal; Golden Stone partners with Zhongneng Optoelectronics perovskite production line.

Shangji Automation to invest RMB 5 billion on module facilities: PV production equipment maker and mono-wafer company Shangji Automation announced the company’s plans to build photovoltaic module facilities with an annual output of 16 GW in Jiangyin Lingang Economic Development Zone. With an investment of about RMB 5 billion ($0.73 billion), the facility will be built in two phases. In the first phase, a 5 GW photovoltaic module facility will be built and put into operation by the third quarter of 2023. The second phase will see a 11 GW photovoltaic module facility coming up. However, the construction date is yet to be disclosed.

JinkoSolar touches 4 GW cumulative module orders in the UAE: Module supplier, JinkoSolar announced that it has achieved a milestone of 4GW cumulative module orders in the UAE. The company now looks forward to continuing the relationship and establishing much more in the future. Meanwhile, in the recently concluded TaiyangNews Conference on Solar and Sustainability, JinkoSolar spoke about its 12 MW pilot production line to recycle its solar modules (see Roy Bi, JinkoSolar: Sustainable Modules Made By World Leading Solar Module Manufacturer)

Solartron partners with Zhejiang Carbonview for PV packaging film equipment: Film seller and producer, Solartron, said in an announcement that it plans to buy photovoltaic packaging film equipment with an annual output of 20 million square meters from PV equipment manufacturer, Zhejiang Carbonview Technology. The transaction amount is about RMB 25.7 million ($3.7 million), out of which the equipment transaction is for RMB 18.3 million ($2.6 million) (tax included), and the plant rent is for RMB 7.3 million ($1.06 million) (tax included). The company will be using its own funds for this transaction and will be doing it through a wholly-owned subsidiary (which it will establish). It also will be leasing its factory buildings for a period of one year.

Golden Stone & Zhongneng Optoelectronics join hands: Modern circular economy enterprise, Golden Stone Group, and optoelectronic devices seller, Zhongneng Optoelectronics have signed an agreement for a domestic third-generation perovskite production line, local media reports said. They have also reached an agreement for 60 production lines in the next three years. The total value of the perovskite production line will be about RMB 12 billion ($1.7 billion). With Zhongneng Optoelectronics’ third-generation perovskite production line, and with the gradual delivery of the other production lines, Golden Stone Group will be implementing five major perovskite production bases in the country. This will in turn lead the Group to build a leading matrix of domestic perovskite production, and provide a solid supply of perovskite solar thin film photovoltaic modules in the future.


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