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LONGi To Invest In Silicon Ingot And Cell Facilities & More From Tongwei, JA Solar, Autowell, Znshine, YC Solar

China Solar PV News Snippets

The investment on LONGi’s 20 GW silicon ingot and 24 GW cell facilities that will be coming up in Xi’an is about RMB 7.5 billion in the first phase and RMB 3.5 billion in the second phase. (Photo Credit: LONGi)

In the pipeline for LONGi are 20 GW silicon ingot and 24 GW cell facilities; Tongwei to invest RMB 10.5 billion in cell and module facilities; JA Solar invests in Ordos plant; Autowell to sell equipment to JinkoSolar; Znshine to invest in TOPCon & HJT facilities; YC Solar completes 200 MW high-efficiency modules delivery.

LONGi to invest in silicon ingot and cell facilities: Chinese vertically integrated solar PV company LONGi is planning to invest in 20 GW silicon ingot and 24 GW cell facilities in Xi’an, local media reported. The facilities will be built in phases. Here are the details:

  • Phase I to have an investment of RMB 7.5 billion ($1.05 billion) and will see the construction of 2 0GW ingot and 12 GW cell facility. The facilities will be gradually put into production by the second half of 2024, and reach complete production by 2025.
  • Phase 2 will have an investment of RMB 3.5 billion ($0.49 billion) and will build 12 GW cell facility.
  • Phase 3 will be a buffer phase, where any additional expansion may take place.

The second and third phases will be completed based on the completion of the first phase of the facilities and the demand prevalent at that time in the photovoltaic market.

Tongwei to build cell and module facilities in Chengdu: Integrated solar PV manufacturer from China, Tongwei Solar, announced that it is getting into a cooperation agreement with People’s Government of Shuangliu District, Chengdu. Both parties together will be building 25 GW solar cell and 20 GW photovoltaic module facilities in Chengdu. With an investment of about RMB 10.5 billion ($1.47 billion), the facilities will be constructed in two phases:

  • In the first phase, 25 GW cell facility is expected to be completed, and put into production by 2024
  • In the second phase, 20 GW module facility is expected to be completed, and put into operation by 2025

JA Solar to invest RMB 6.02 billion in Ordos: In an announcement, solar PV panel manufacturer JA Solar said that it plans to invest about RMB 6.02 billion ($0.84 billion) to build 30 GW crystal pulling, 10 GW silicon wafers, and 10 GW modules facilities in Ordos High-tech Zone. This move is aligned to the company’s strategy, where these facilities will form a vertically integrated industrial chain in the northwest region, and will be highly capable of meeting the market demand for high-efficiency products.

LONGi, Tongwei & JA Solar will be participating in TaiyangNews Global PV System Technology Trends H1/2023 Virtual Conference to be held from 27-28 June 2023. You can join the Conference through free registration by clicking here. We have also talked with top executives from these companies during our TaiyangNews & SNEC Leadership Conversations, which can be found here (LONGi, Tongwei, JA)

Autowell to supply furnace to Jinko: Automation equipment manufacturer Autowell Technology announced that its holding subsidiary Wuxi Songci Electromechanical has got into a purchase deal with module supplier JinkoSolar. As per the deal, Wuxi Songci will be selling large-scale single crystal furnaces to JinkoSolar to the tune of RMB 480 million ($67.32 million) (including tax). Last December too, Autowell and JinkoSolar had sealed a deal to sell multi-busbar marking and welding machines (see China Solar PV News Snippets)

Znshine to invest in TOPCon & HJT facilities in Ganyu: Module manufacturer Znshine Solar will be investing RMB 5 billion ($0.70 billion) in 10 GW solar cell facility in Ganyu, the government official website reported. Spread across 400 mu, the facility will be built in phases:

  • First phase will be for a 5 GW TOPCon cell facility with a total investment of RMB 2.5 billion ($0.35 billion). The construction will begin in August 2023
  • Second phase will be for a 5 GW HJT cell facility. The construction of which will commence in Jun 2024.

YC Solar delivers 200 MW high-efficiency modules to SPIC: Over WeChat, Green energy solutions provider Yingli Group said that its subsidiary, YC Solar, has delivered 200 MW modules to SPIC Huanghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (Xining Branch) in Qinghai Province. These are YC Solar’s YCM series high-efficiency modules, which adopt 182mm cell, half-cell, and double-glass technology. The average power of a single module exceeds 545 W and the power attenuation does not exceed 2% in the first year, and 0.45% per year for 2 to 30 years.

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