Europe PV News Snippets

Solar Materials GmbH Attracts Investment From BMP Ventures… & More

Europe PV News Snippets

Germany’s Solar Materials touts its technology to be able to extract raw materials like silver and silicon while recycling solar panels. It has now received an investment from bmp Ventures AG. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: petrmalinak/

  • bmp Ventures is investing in German solar module raw material extracting and recycling company Solar Materials GmbH
  • Polenergia is to acquire 100% stake in Edison Energia in a move to expand its product offering
  • EEW claims to have become the largest solar developer in Sweden with 290 MW capacity reaching advanced stage
  • RWE expects to start 2×44 MW AC solar power plants in Spain, using bifacial modules, in Summer 2022
  • Solaer has sold 91 MW solar power portfolio to Matrix Renewables in Italy

BMP invests in German PV panel recycler: Venture capital investor bmp Ventures AG is investing an undisclosed amount in Solar Materials GmbH from Germany, a solar panel recycling company. According to bmp, in Germany alone the number of solar modules to be recycled will grow to well over 100,000 tons or 5 million modules a year by 2030. Solar Materials claims to be able to recover silver strips printed on the solar cells and the cell itself therefore saving silicon and silver used. Their technology targets the connecting plastic layer in the panel to extract the raw materials. The German company claims for the process to be economically sustainable and low on energy intensity. Solar Materials targets to set up its 1st industrial recycling line with an annual capacity of around 4,500 tons by 2023.

Polenergia to acquire Edison Energia: Polish energy company Polenergia is to acquire local solar PV company Edison Energia after the duo signed a preliminary purchase agreement. Edison Energia has built over 20,000 PV installations with 120 MW combined capacity. The acquisition, explained Polenergia, will enable the company to expand itself into new business segment and make it an important player at the newly-created market segment’.

EEW boasts of 290 MW advanced solar capacity in Sweden: Utility scale solar project developer EEW claims to have become the largest solar power developer in Sweden with 290 MW of solar power capacity at an advanced development stage in the country. It is part of the company’s 485 MW 14-site project pipeline in Sweden, with another 55 MW at mid-stage and 145 MW at early-stage. The 290 MW capacity is planned to be located at 7 sites in Southern Sweden where electricity prices are currently at a record high, according to EEW, along with power outages.

Bifacial modules for 88 MW AC solar in Spain by RWE: RWE expects 2 solar farms of the company with 44 MW AC capacity each in Spain to come online in the Summer of 2022. For both the facilities, it expects to deploy 190,000 bifacial modules for the facilities in Casa Valdes and Puerta del Sol in Guadalajara. Currently both projects are under construction. EEW’s Chief Executive Svante Kumlin said, “We look forward to progressing these projects to the Ready To Build stage and continue to seek additional sites in Sweden to complement our global 7.4GW project development pipeline.”

91 MW Italian acquisition for Matrix: Spanish renewable energy platform backed by global asset manager TPG, Matrix Renewables has acquired a 91 MW solar power portfolio in Italy from another Spanish solar developer Solaer. The portfolio, according to the company, comprises 15 assets that are scheduled to enter 1st phase of construction in 2022. While this deal gets it closer to the 500 MW solar, storage and wind capacity target for Italy, Matrix said it continues to explore additional opportunities in Europe, the US and Latin America as part of its global expansion plans.

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