Germany Installed 517 MW Solar In April 2022

Bundesnetzagentur: Germany Added 2GW+ New Solar In 4M/2022

Germany Installed 517 MW Solar In April 2022

517 MW of solar power additions in April 2022 took Germany’s total installed solar capacity since January 2022 to over 2.099 GW.

  • In the month of April 2022, Bundesnetzagentur registered 517 MW of new solar PV capacity in Germany
  • It is a decline from 737.52 MW it registered in March 2022
  • Total adds up to 2.099 GW in 4M/2022
  • In comparison, new wind power capacity numbers were 152 MW, adding up to 612.5 MW in the initial 4 months of 2022

Germany’s energy regulator Bundesnetzagentur or Federal Network Agency says in the month of April 2022 it registered 517 MW of new solar PV capacity, which takes the total installed solar power capacity in the country during 4M/2022 to 2.099 GW.

It is a significant drop from the previous month’s 737.52 MW which is the adjusted capacity as the previous number the agency shared for March 2022 was 731.3 MW (see Germany Installed 731 MW Solar In March 2022). Nonetheless, it is an encouraging number since the initial 2 months of 2022, the installations were less than 450 MW per month.

To the April 2022 numbers is added 296.56 MW of capacity outside tenders conducted under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), and since the beginning of the year ranges between over 250 MW to 300 MW+ on a monthly basis.

In comparison, wind energy installations are slow paced with only 152 MW registered in the reporting month, as per the agency, with 4M/2022 adding up to 612.5 MW.

In 2021, Germany installed 5.26 GW of new solar capacity becoming again the top solar market in the Europe, according to SolarPower Europe’s (SPE) Global Market Outlook 2022-2026. The report writers expect the country to remain on top with 7.4 GW new additions in 2022 (see Global Cumulative PV Capacity Exceeds 1 TW).

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