Germany Installed 548 MW Solar In May 2022

Bundesnetzagentur Says Germany Installed 2.65 GW New Solar PV During 5M/2022

Germany Installed 548 MW Solar In May 2022

With the addition of 548.13 MW solar in May 2022, Germany has now deployed 2.65 GW capacity since the beginning of 2022, says Bundesnetzagentur.

  • Germany installed 548.13 MW of new solar PV capacity in the month of May 2022
  • It comprises 365.77 MW from EEG projects but outside the tender scheme
  • During 5M/2022, the country’s new solar PV additions were a total of around 2.65 GW

In the month of May 2022, Germany saw registrations for solar energy systems adding up to a total of 548.13 MW, according to the country’s Federal Network Agency or Bundesnetzagentur.

These numbers offer a slight improvement over 517.92 MW, the agency reported for April 2022, but are far lower than the 736 MW peak in March 2022 (see Germany Installed 517 MW Solar In April 2022). In May 2021, monthly installations was reported as 393 MW by the agency.

The latest numbers comprise 365.77 MW that came from outside the tenders conducted under the country’s Renewable Energy Sources (EEG) Act, as well as 8.14 MW from ground mounted systems of more than 750 kW. Tenant electricity capacity contributed another 2.5 MW.

Altogether, between January 2022 and May 2022, Germany has now installed a total of 2.646 GW new solar. Assuming the country adds an average of 500 MW per month for the rest of 2022, it should lead to around 6 GW of annual capacity addition.

Under the Easter Package passed by the German Cabinet in April 2022, the government is aiming for a cumulative solar PV capacity of 215 GW by 2030, while eying 22 GW annual additions between 2026 and 2035 (see German Government Agrees On Higher 2030 Solar Goal Of 215 GW).

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