Sharp Energy Europe Launches New TOPCon Module

575 W Glass-Glass N-Type TOPCon Solar Panel From Sharp Offers 22.26% Efficiency

Sharp Energy Europe Launches New TOPCon Module

Sharp Energy has unveiled its newest NB-JD575 series TOPCon module of 575 W. (Photo Credit: SHARP)

  • Sharp Energy Europe has launched a new n-type TOPCon bifacial solar module
  • It claims a 22.26% module efficiency and power output of up to 575 W  
  • The module has 30 years power output warranty and 15 to 25 years product warranty

Sharp Energy Europe has launched a new glass-glass Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact (TOPCon) solar module with a power output of up to 575 W to cater to commercial and industrial (C&I) as well as ground mounted and utility installations. The manufacturer touts up to 22.26% module efficiency for the new n-type panel. 

Based on M10 bifacial 144 half-cut TOPCon cells of 16 busbars, the NB-JD575 series module uses  2mm thickness glass for both the front and rear sides, and a 30 mm aluminum frame. 

Sharp claims a bifaciality factor of 80% and lower temperature coefficient of -0.30%/C for its latest offering. Bifacial N-type TOPCon cell’s inherent qualities like LID-free and enhanced low light generation performance, make the new NB-JD575 module highly reliable and capable of additional generation in low light conditions like foggy, cloudy or early morning. 

The bifacial module with 2278 mm x 1134 mm dimensions, weighs 32.5 kg. Sharp is offering 30-year linear and 15-year product guarantee for its IEC certified module within the European Union (EU) and some other countries when installed on the ground, and of 25 years if installed on the roof.   

The launch of this module follows the 570W glass-glass TOPCon module the company launched in May 2023 with 22.07% efficiency (see Sharp’s New TOPCon Solar Module).  

“We are marking the launch of our improved 575W Glass/Glass N-TOPCon Bifacial Solar Panel. Through the advanced N-type TOPCon technology and wattage upgrade embodied in the NB-JD575, we are making further progress on our journey towards a more sustainable future,” said Sales Director EMEA, for Sharp Energy Solutions Europe, Andrew Lee. 



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