Fraunhofer ISE’s Copper Plated Perovskite Cell Spin-Off

Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE Preparing To Spin-Off PV2plus As Spin-Off To Commercialize Copper Plating Technology For Silicon Solar Cells, Sans Rare Materials

German research institute Fraunhofer ISE is working on a technology to use copper plating to develop environment friendly high performance silicon solar cells without the use of rare materials as silver, which holds the potential to bring down total production cost for the industry.

5 GW Vertically Integrated PV Production Plans For Spain

Newly Founded Greenland Gigafactory Planning To Develop Vertically Integrated Solar PV Manufacturing With 5 GW Annual Capacity In Spain, With Fraunhofer ISE Providing Technical Support

One of the solar star markets of Europe, Spain may get 5 GW worth of vertically integrated solar PV manufacturing capacity located in Seville, Andalucia over the next 2 years, revealed German research and development institute Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE).

TOPCon Rear Emitter Cell Attained 26% Efficiency

Fraunhofer ISE Reports ‘New World Record’ With 26% Power Conversion Efficiency For TOPCoRE Cell, Adapting Rear Junction Architecture On To TOPCon Structure With Contacts On Both Sides

German technological research institute Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE) has announced achieving 26% power conversion efficiency for both-sides-contacted silicon solar cells, opening the way for even higher efficiencies to be achieved.

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