Indian C&I Solar Segment To Add Over 1.8 GW In CY2021

IEEFA & JMK Research: Indian C&I Solar Installations To Grow 47% YoY To Over 1.8 GW In CY2021 As Demand For Onsite Solar Goes Up; Segment Exploring Larger Wafer Sized Modules & Battery Energy Storage Systems

A lull in the commercial and industrial (C&I) solar installations space in India in CY2020 brought on by COVID-19 related disruptions resulted in this segment to add only 1,274 MW, reflecting an annual decline of 27%.

Emerging Markets Key To Global Energy Transition

Carbon Tracker Initiative & CEEW Report Warns If Emerging Markets Don’t Leapfrog To Renewables, There Will Be No Energy Transition; Says International Community Morally Obligated To Help With Universal Electricity Access

Emerging markets can and must leapfrog directly to renewables for thoer electricity requirements, according to the report, instead of passing through the intermediary stage of building fossil-fuel powered infrastructure first, as it shows in the above diagram.

Benefits Of Rooftop PV In US Not For All: Report

Using Data From Google’s Project Sunroof & American Community Survey, Researchers From Tufts University, and University of California, Berkeley Claim Racial & Ethnic Injustice In Rooftop Solar Participation In United States

For the purpose of their study on racial and ethnic differences impacting rooftop solar deployment, the authors used location of existing and potential sites for rooftop PV from Google’s Project Sunroof with demographic information from the American Community Survey as data.

50% Drop In Solar Cost In India Could Increase PV Growth 8X

Working Paper Of India’s NITI Aayog Claims 50% Drop In Cost Of Solar Can Increase PV Penetration By More Than Eight Times Than Expected With Current Policy Framework; Recommends Continued Policy Support For Renewable Energy

Indian government’s policy think tank, National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog has recommended continued policy support to promote renewable energy to achieve the target of 175 GW of installed renewable energy capacity by 2022.

Farmtops For Solar In India

India Can Promote Net Metered Solar Pumps Under KUSUM To Achieve 100 GW Solar Power Target By 2022, Says Whitepaper Suggests Farmtops Along With Rooftops To Be Included In Defining Distributed Energy Generation

A new whitepaper titled From Rooftops to Farmtops, Augmenting India’s Distributed Solar Goals through net-metered solar pumps shows that the agricultural sector alone offers a solar potential that is larger than the country’s 100 GW 2022 target.

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