South Korea Clears Way For Renewable Energy PPAs

Ministry Of Trade, Industry & Energy In South Korea To Allow Domestic Electricity Consumers To Directly Purchase Renewable Energy Under PPAs; Country To Aim For 40.3% Renewable Energy Share By 2034

The South Korean electricity market is now officially open to renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPA) with the country’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy allowing domestic electricity consumers to purchase electricity from renewable .

South Korea To Aim For 42% RE Share By 2034

South Korea May Assign 42% Share To Renewable Energies Under Country’s 9th Basic Plan For Electricity Supply & Demand 2020-2034: Renewables To Grow To 77.8 GW Total Installed Capacity By 2034: Media

Under its 9th Basic Plan for Electricity Supply and Demand 2020-2034, South Korea plans to aim for around a 42% (41.9% to be precise) share for renewable energy in its cumulative energy mix by the year 2034, according to a draft released by the Minis.

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