Advanced Module Technologies 2019

TaiyangNews Advanced Modules 2019 Report Shows Surprising Developments Leading to Significantly Higher Power Ratings of Solar Panels
12:20 PM (Beijing Time) - 19. September 2019
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The TaiyangNews Report on Advanced Module Technologies 2019 is our 3rd edition providing insight into the latest updates on solar panel technologies. This version also looks into the fairly new developments in module making - using larger wafers and so-called 'paving' interconnection.

The TaiyangNews Report on Advanced Module Technologies 2019 is our 3rd edition on this topic, providing insight into the latest updates on module technologies. While our previous two editions investigated 6 different module technologies – increasing number of busbars, multi busbars, half cells, shingling, glass- glass and bifacial –, there have been new and interesting developments in module manufacturing, especially since last year.

Two new approaches have come into the limelight. One is ‘paving’ as it is usually called in China; sometimes also referred to as seamless soldering or zero gap modules, which describes it very well. The other, is employing larger and larger cell sizes, based on using bigger wafer formats to improve module power output. On the other hand, the former trend to increase the number of busbars using ribbons has more or less stalled at 5; thus this chapter is missing this time.

Our TaiyangNews Advanced Module Technologies 2019 Report is covering 7 advanced module technologies:

  • larger wafer formats
  • glass-glass
  • multi busbars (MBB)
  • bifacial
  • half cells
  • shingling
  • paving

Except for paving, all these approaches are fully commercialized now, and module products based on these approaches are available from multiple suppliers, though the degree of commercialization varies from technology to technology.

This edition provides an update on previously discussed technologies with the top products of the leading module manufacturers listed and in-depth introduction of new approaches.

The TaiyangNews Report on Advanced Module Technologies 2019 is for download free of charge here.



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