• PEEG has issued a call for bids to be submitted for a total solar power capacity of 67 MW in Syria
  • It is divided between 40 MW in Homs province, 23 MW in Damascus province and 4 MW in Hama province
  • All the projects need to be set up on turnkey basis with last date of bid submission being August 10, 2020

The Public Establishment of Electricity for Generation (PEEG) in Syria is seeking bidders for a total of 67 MW of solar PV capacity in the war beaten country, all of which needs to be established on a turnkey basis. All 3 tender announcements for 40 MW, 23 MW and 4 MW capacities were tendered earlier but have been tendered again – PEEG mentions the call has been issued a third time for the first 2 and second time for the 4 MW project.

The 40 MW capacity needs to be set up in Homs province near Jandar Combined Cycle Power Plant in the form of 2 MW, 14 MW and 24 MW sections with execution to complete in 2 years, 3 years and 5 years for these, respectively.

Damascus countryside is the location for establishment of 23 MW capacity near Al-Nasserieh Power Plant in the form of 3 sections of 7 MW, 7 MW and 9 MW to be completed within 18 months, 36 months and 60 months, respectively.

The 4 MW project in Hama province near Al-Zara Thermal Power Plant to be executed within 18 months.

For all of the above projects, PEEG defines broad scope of work as design, manufacture, supply, transport, insure, test, execute civil works, erect, put into operation including supply of spare parts and tools as well as internal training for PEEG personnel.

Last date to submit bids is same for all 3 tenders, which is August 10, 2020.