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Day 2 Of TaiyangNews Virtual Conference…& More

China PV News Snippets

On Nov. 16, that's the second and last day of TaiyangNews' Conference on Solar Module Innovations, the digital event will end with a panel discussion on ‘How to innovate modules & beyond in PV power plants.’ (Photo Credit: TaiyangNews)

  • Day 2 of TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Module Innovations to take place tomorrow (16 November 2021)
  • JSG announced that is total sales contract with Shuangliang Eco-Energy this year stands at RMB 2.2 billion
  • Shanghai HIUV New Materials to issue convertible bonds to raise RMB 1.004 billion ($0.16 billion)
  • Zoomlight and Dawu Town seal 440 MW rooftop distributed photovoltaic project
  • Guangdong No.2 Hydropower Engineering Co gets into an agreement with subsidiary to invest RMB 2 billion in the construction of 500 MW of photovoltaic power generation base

Day 2 of TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar Module Innovations: We are happy and excited to invite you all to Day 2 of TaiyangNews’ Virtual Conference on Solar Module Innovations tomorrow (16 November 2021). The Conference will see TaiyangNews’ Shravan Chunduri giving an update on Advancement of Commercially Available Modules. This will be followed by presentations from Jason Yan of  LONGi; Kuan Chen of JA Solar; Gao Lei of Trina Solar; Pengfei Zou of Risen Energy; and Stephen Gong of Cybrid, where the focus will be on module technology progress in ground-mounted power plants. Join us. For free registration, please click here.

JSG & Shuangliang Eco-Energy partner for RMB 2.2 bn sales contract: Semiconductor material equipment and LED substrate material manufacturer JSG issued an announcement stating that it had signed a monocrystal furnace sales contract with Chinese production equipment maker Shuangliang Eco-Energy in May 2021, with a total contract value of RMB 1.4 billion ($0.22 billion) (see China PV News Snippets: Pingli, Zhongli, Datang, LONGi). Then in November 2021, the company once again signed a monocrystal furnace sales contract to the tune of RMB 1.6 billion ($0.25 billion). Today, the total contract with Shuangliang Eco-Energy stand at RMB 2.2 billion ($0.34 billion) (tax included), with a contract delivery time ranging from October 2021 to May 2022.

Shanghai HIUV to raise RMB 1.004 bn: In an announcement, solar module encapsulation supplier Shanghai HIUV New Materials said that it plans to issue convertible bonds to raise RMB 1.004 billion ($0.16 billion). The company intends to use this money for:

  • the annual production of 200 million m2 of a photovoltaic packaging film project (Phase I)
  • the annual output of 150 million m2 of a photovoltaic packaging materials project (Phase I) for Shangrao HIUV application Film Co., Ltd.
  • the annual output of 100 million m2 of a polymer special film project

Zoomlight bags rooftop distributed PV project: Seller of distributed photovoltaic power plants Zoomlight and Dawu Town have sealed a rooftop distributed photovoltaic project, according to Polaris Photovoltaic Network. The project, whose planned scale is 440 MW, aims to improve the development and utilization of solar energy resources in Dawu Town.

Guangdong No.2 signs RMB 2 bn PV project in Daxiang: Renewable energy engineering constructor Guangdong No.2 Hydropower Engineering Co announced that it has got into an agreement with its wholly owned subsidiary – Southeast Guangdong Hydropower Investment Co., Ltd., As per the agreement, the company plans to invest RMB 2 billion ($0.31 billion) in the construction of 500 MW of PV power generation base.  Earlier this year, Guangdong No.2’s wholly-owned subsidiary has signed up for a 300 MW forestry and photovoltaic complementary power generation project (see China PV News Snippets: Guangdong, Zhongsu, Dongfang)


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