• The first phase of Canadian Solar high-efficiency module production begins in Xiuzhou, Jiaxing City
  • The 8 GW monocrystalline silicon ingot manufacturing project of Hongyuan New Materials was now put fully into production
  • DeLi Glassware to invest RMB 5 million ($0.76 million) to establish a PV material company in Bengbu High-tech Development Zone
  • Trina Solar to undertake construction of a three-in-one microgrid project for solar, diesel and  storage on 13 islands of the northern Maldives

Canadian Solar High-Efficiency Module Production Put into Operation: The first phase of Canadian Solar Inc.’s (CSI) high-efficiency module production has begun in the Xiuzhou National High-Tech Zone of Jiaxing City. Once this project is completed, its photovoltaic module production capacity will touch 10 GW/ year, and sales output value is expected to exceed RMB 10 billion ($1.51 billion), according to local media reports. Meanwhile, the Chinese vertically integrated PV manufacturer’s New Materials Project, with a total investment of RMB 1 billion ($.15 billion), has also entered the construction phase. It is expected to begin operation in the first half of 2021, with an annual output value of RMB 2 billion ($.30 billion) after reaching production. Last month, Canadian Solar had entered 600W+ club with the launch of its series 7 high efficiency modules (see Canadian Solar Launches 600W+ Solar Module).

2nd phase of Hongyuan New Materials 8 GW mono crystallization launched: The second phase of a 8 GW mono silicon ingot pulling project of Hongyuan New Materials was successfully ignited and put into production. Located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the factory was completed in two phases with a planned investment of RMB 5.8 billion ($0.88 billion). About RMB 3 billion  ($0.45 billion) was invested into the first phase with 5 GW, for which construction began in June 2019 and production in November the same year. The second phase of the 8 GW project began construction in July 2020, with a total investment of RMB 2.8 billion ($0.42 billion) and a total area of about 110,000 m2. HNM is a subsidiary of wafer maker Wuxi Shangji Automation.

DeLi Glassware to invest RMB 5 Mn to establish PV company: China based household glass producer DeLi Glassware announced plans of investing RMB 5 million ($.76 million) to establish a PV material company in the Bengbu High-tech Development Zone. Among others, the company will be engaged in manufacturing solar module cover and back glass and new solar material products.

Trina Solar undertakes microgrid expansion project in Maldives: Vertically integrated solar systems solution provider Trina Solar announced that it will undertake the construction of a three-in-one microgrid project for solar and diesel fuel storage on 13 islands in northern Maldives. This will include a 3.5 MW PV and 1.525 MWh energy storage systems as well as diesel power generation equipment. Once the microgrid project on the 13 islands is completed in July 2021, 27 islands of the Maldives will be using Trina Solar’s off-grid photovoltaic microgrid system. Last month, eyeing the residential and commercial rooftop solar space in the European marketplace, Trina Solar Co., Ltd. has launched its new module for these segments with up to 405W power output (see Trina Solar’s New Module For Rooftops).