• Germany’s technology specific auction for solar power scheduled for June 1, 2020 was oversubscribed receiving 101 bids for more than 447 MW against 96.35 MW offered
  • Lowest and highest winning range was €0.049 to €0.054 per kWh with average winning bid of €0.0527 per kWh
  • Average winning bid for undersubscribed onshore wind tender, which was held at the same time, was about 17% higher than for solar at €0.0614 ($0.069) per kWh.
  • On September 1, 2020 another technology specific auction will be held for onshore wind and solar along with an innovation tender

The German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) has announced the results of technology specific solar and onshore wind power auctions that it conducted on June 1, 2020. A total of over 563 MW was awarded for both the technologies.

For solar power, the agency received 101 bids representing a total volume of 447.225 MW against 96.358 MW offered under the tender. It finally selected 21 bids to award 99.567 MW to the winners. Nine bids had to be excluded due to errors in the applications.

Winning bids ranged between €0.049 to €0.054 ($0.055 to $0.061) per kWh with the average winning bid of €0.0527 ($0.059) per kWh. The bidding tariff was capped at €0.075 ($0.084) per kWh.

In the previous round, these values were determined as €0.0464 to €0.0548 per kWh, while the average winning bid was slightly lower at €0.0518 per kWh. At that time, 301 MW PV capacity was awarded in the form of 51 projects (see €0.0518/kWh Average Winning Bid For German Solar Tender).

The onshore wind power plant segment was undersubscribed in comparison. A total of 825.527 MW was offered under the tender for which the agency received 62 bids for an aggregate volume of 467.59 MW. Eventually, 464 MW was awarded to 61 winning bids. Winning bids ranged between €0.059 to €0.062 ($0.066 to $0.070) per kWh and the average winning bid  was about 17% higher than for solar at €0.0614 ($0.069) per kWh.

Next round for technology specific tenders for onshore wind and solar power capacity is scheduled for September 1, 2020. Bundesnetzagentur also announced holding innovation tenders on the same date for the first time but did not share more details.