Switzerland Promising Subsidies For New Solar In 2023 & Beyond

CHF 600 Million Funds Reserved By Switzerland To Increase 2023 Annual Solar PV Installations

Switzerland Promising Subsidies For New Solar In 2023 & Beyond

In 2021, Switzerland installed close to 700 MW solar PV capacity. This year, during 10M/2022, it has already received registrations for 540 MW. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: Stefano Ember/Shutterstock.com)

  • Switzerland has recently announced CHF 600 million in subsidies for solar PV projects to boost installations in 2023
  • It will be paid in the form of KLEIV, GREIV and HEIV to small, large and auctioned projects, respectively
  • Government said it has reserved sufficient funds for the following years to ensure there are no waiting lists

The Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) has reserved CHF 600 million to promote solar PV in 2023 to ensure expansion can continue quickly and without ‘waiting periods for subsidies’ and has also set aside ‘sufficient funds’ for the following years so that there are no waiting lists.

The government wants to support solar PV installations that are expected to exceed by over 40% to 50% annually in 2022 after having installed close to 700 MW in 2021. Demand is growing already as during 10M/2022 the country had close to 540 MW registered for 24,000 PV systems for one-off payment. In September alone, it registered around 2,650 systems.

The subsidy promised is to be disbursed quickly as the government targets to pay one-time payment for small PV systems (KLEIV) to all system operators in 2023 who submit their applications by October 31, 2023. For 2022, SFOE expects to support over 400 MW or 29,000 small scale systems with CHF 150 million under the scheme.

For one-off payment for large PV systems (GREIV), in 2022 around 800 systems or around 230 MW will be eligible to receive funding while in 2023, all plant operators that submit applications by October 31, 2023 can expect to be supported as well.

Switzerland recently announced auctions for large PV systems of 150 kW or more, not used for self-consumption. These will receive a high one-time payment (HEIV) covering up to 60% costs of reference systems (see Switzerland To Launch Solar Auctions For 150 kW & Above).

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