Non-Fluoro Content Backsheets Using Recyclable Materials

Video: Stephen Gong From Cybrid Discussed The Use Of Recyclable Materials In Fluorine-Free Backsheets To Enhance Sustainability At TaiyangNews Conference

Presenting at the TaiyangNews Virtual Conference on Solar & Sustainability 2023, Stephen Gong, Senior Product Manager at leading Chinese backsheet supplier Cybrid, batted for non-fluoro content backsheets using recyclable materials saying these contribute to lower carbon footprint.

Lowering Losses

While Optimization Of Encapsulation Is The Major Change Required For Module BOM Of HJT, Half Wafer Processing And Optimization Of Cell Process Are The Ways To Curtail The CTM Losses

This article is the second about HJT module making, after we covered  metallization as the last part of solar cell processing in this series of articles on HJT solar manufacturing (see Silver-Free Contacts Via Plating For HJT) HJT solar technology requires changes at the module level.

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