Cell Production Equipment & Materials Update in Nutshell

Deliberations At TaiyangNews Cell Production Equipment Conference: PERC Preferred In Emerging Markets But Major Equipment Supplier China Speeds Towards TOPCon As HJT Races To Catch Up

As the global solar PV industry brings in new trends every now and then, be it high efficiency modules or large format ones with different permutations and combinations to bring down total module cost, solar PV cell production equipment makers have b.

DuPont Divests Stake In PV Metallization Paste Business

Chinese Conductive Silver Paste Manufacturer DK Electronic Materials Acquiring 100% Stake In Chinese Company Jiangsu Suote Electronic Materials, To Whom America’s DuPont Has Sold Its Silver Paste Business, Solamet

American chemicals producer DuPont, catering to the solar PV industry through its metallization paste business called Solamet has sold the same to a Chinese company called Jiangsu Suote Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.

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