Flanders Drafts Compensation Scheme For PV Owners

Belgium’s Flanders To Offer Retroactive Investment Premium To Solar PV Home Owners Impacted By Smart/Digital Meter Roll Out Plans

The Belgian region of Flanders has drafted a regulation to offer compensation, calling it retroactive investment premium, for those solar PV system homeowners who have been impacted by the government’s decision to introduce digital or smart meters for such prosumers, which was reversed by a Belgian court.

Flanders Invests In Floating PV

Belgium’s Flemish Government Shells Out €2 million ($2.29 million) To Support Floating PV Projects; First Plant To Use Bifacial Modules & Solar Tracker System

Belgium’s Flanders region has made its first move into floating solar power with an investment of €2 million ($2.29 million) in a company called Floating PV NV, which will develop floating solar power projects, starting with a five hectare project on a lake owned by Sibelco in Dessel.

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