Italy Launches 8th Renewable Energy Auction

GSE Offers 3.35 GW Capacity For Italy’s 8th Renewable Energy Auction Round

Italy Launches 8th Renewable Energy Auction

For its 8th auction round, GSE has compiled all of the capacity left over from the previous rounds adding up to 3.35 GW. In case there is any capacity left over from this round, it will again be tendered in a new round on May 31, 2022. (Illustrative Photo; Photo Credit: ABCDstock/

  • GSE has announced 8th renewable energy auction round of Italy, offering 3.35 GW total capacity for bidders
  • Solar PV is competing with wind under group A projects where total capacity offered is 2.346 GW
  • Under group A2 register, 427 MW is reserved for rooftop solar, while under group B hydro power and under group C both wind and hydro power technologies have been placed
  • The tender was launched just after GSE announced a big win for solar over wind in the 7th round

Italy’s energy agency Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) officially launched the country’s 8th renewable energy auction process on January 31, 2022. It tenders over 3.35 GW, which is the capacity not awarded in the last 7 auction rounds.

Of the total capacity offered, 2.346 GW is for wind and solar PV projects under group A, 110 MW for hydro power under group B, and reconstruction of 472 MW of wind and hydroelectric plants under group C.

Additionally, more than 427 MW is reserved for new PV systems for rooftop solar segment for group A2 register.

Tender details are available on GSE’s website.

GSE will accept proposals till March 2, 2022, and results will be declared on May 31, 2022. In case there is still capacity left over from the 8th round, GSE may launch yet another tender round the same day.

Just before the 8th auction round was announced, GSE announced the results of its 7th round where it received a total of 1,156 proposals representing over 1.8 GW renewable capacity, against 4.825 GW offered. It awarded 975 MW solar PV and wind power capacity in this round of which solar claimed by far the largest share. Solar won a total of 710 MW distributed over 60 projects with 49 smaller than 10 MW, and 11 larger projects, with the maximum reaching 92 MW.

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